Minecraft - Building Competition

Server IP: minecraft.cvcon2021.com

Competition Info


In addition to enjoying the Minecraft server, you can also apply to join the CVCon2021 Minecraft Building Competition with a focus on "Medieval Castles". Participants will access the server from 12pm ET to 2pm ET. First place prize winner will receive a Steam Wallet Code to their email address registered on their contestant application.


1. Please be respectful to your host and other participants. If any malicious behavior is reported, you will be removed from the tournament.
2. Please be on time for your registration and for the actual tournament. You will be disqualified on no-show.
3. You must be registered to qualify for the event.
4. You can play in this competition only if your registered and in-game names match, otherwise you will be disqualified.


Approved contestants will access the server at minecraft.cvcon2021.com. You will have dedicated square plots with permissions to build in it granted to them. Contestants will be granted Creative Mode.


The winners will be posted in the convention Discord #minecraft channel and also on the website at cvcon2021.com.

Join the fun this year, we hope to see you real soon!

Still have questions? Email us at cvcon20@gmail.com with your question.

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